Things I've tried to balance

Things I've tried to balance at some point in my life.

  1. Mind, body and soul

  2. Growing up and being in touch with your inner child.

  3. Understanding something and having faith

  4. Chaos and tranquility

  5. I and the world

  6. Family and friends

  7. Thought and action

  8. Thinking slow and acting fast (and vice versa)

  9. Thinking wide and thinking deep

  10. Rules and exceptions

  11. Listening and speaking up

  12. Wisdom and craziness

  13. Balance and extremes

  14. Man and machine

  15. Courage and fear

  16. Change and stability

  17. Cutting your losses and persevering

  18. Form and function

  19. War with yourself and peace with others (and vice versa)

  20. Winning and losing

  21. Losing the war but not losing the lesson

  22. Poetry and irony

  23. Switching on and shutting down

  24. Speed and precision

  25. Consumption and production

  26. Giving and taking

  27. Young and old

  28. Harmony and distress

  29. Structure and chaos

  30. Black and white

  31. Crying alone and laughing with others (and vice versa)

  32. Losing your self and finding yourself

  33. Solitude and being comfortable with each other's silence

  34. Independence and support

  35. Simplicity and complexity

  36. Falling in love with someone and loving yourself more every day

  37. Zero to one and one to infinity (and back to zero)

  38. Freedom and restraint

  39. Love and indifference

  40. Knowledge and ignorance

  41. Size and agility

  42. Experience and fresh blood

  43. Hello and goodbye

  44. Half empty and half full

  45. Making your own mistakes and learning from others’ mistakes

  46. Memories and dreams

  47. Learning and teaching

  48. Life and death (and living on even after you die)

  49. Feeling complete and staying incomplete