Who am I?

These are my thoughts when I was trying to find the answer to the ultimate question. I hope that it helps you avoid some mistakes as you go through the ultimate journey that we call life.

Who am I?

Who I am doesn't matter. What I will do to make the world a better place matters.

The ultimate answer doesn't matter. The journey you take to find your answers matters.

I'm an eternal optimist and a diehard romantic. I am curious, hard working, gritty, humble, funny, enthusiastic, caring and mature.

I am someone who believes in people to the point where you could call me stupid.

I have made my mistakes and apologized for them. I have learnt to live the hard way but I'm a quick learner. I have learnt a lot about myself as part of my travels but it's never enough.

I want to make the world a better place; one person at a time.

You might call me foolish, but it is what it is.