the ultimate question

Trying to find the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything

To a better place where you can be yourself without fear of being judged.

To a better place where you can act without fear of failure.

To a better place where you can laugh wholeheartedly.

To a better place where you can heal.

To a better place where you can find your balance.

To a better place where you can do the right thing no matter what the cost, even when no one is watching.

To a better place where you can get up every time you fall.

To a better place where you can sleep peacefully.

To a better place where you feel compassion for everyone without exception.

To a better place where you can eventually breathe your last with your heart as light as a feather because you know that you did all you could to make this world a better place.


I know you have a little life left in you yet.. I know you have a lot of strength left..

Give me your hand.. But now we have to live..


Failure is a part of life. Practice being good at it.

If you know you are going to fail, fail fast. Don't make it slow and arduous.

Being gracious in defeat is a skill everyone must possess.

Even if you lose the war, don't lose the lesson.


A short summary of Atomic Habits


Our reality is an illusion which our mind wants us to believe.. you can change the reality you are in, by just being aware of this..


Find a partner who can accept you as you are but also inspires you to evolve because they take their own growth seriously.

Love will not seek to change you, but it will embrace you so unconditionally that you will feel safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new.

The courage you both have to stay committed to the inner journey will reflect brightly on your relationship, all the good qualities that you develop as empowered individuals will help you calmly, compassionately and creatively handle the challenges you may face as a couple.

Because you both know that growing is not easy, you will warmly support each other when one of you feels down and rejoice when victorious steps forward have been taken.


One of my favourite songs. I wish I had known about it a few years ago


Life is all about the choices you make and the journeys you choose to take. Make better choices or take calculated risks. It's too short to keep playing it safe. But remember, it's not a race.


When life gives you lemons, don't ask why you didn't get a diamond ring. You make the best goddamn lemonade ever made, turn it into a successful business and then buy the entire diamond store.


When the rain is on my lips And I shiver from the cold Thinking about life Its ups and downs And being a melancholic

I take a note Of the nature's crying its tears Making the day seem gray And unexcited But how much life the rain brings To what is hidden beneath the surface

So whenever I cry And the cold of people's words Or actions Causing me shiver I vision myself standing in the rain Bringing my roots to life

I am not afraid anymore Of getting soaking wet I stand my ground! But please nature Don't let me drown, make me beautiful!

~ Veronika Jensen


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