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Something I had saved from Hacker News


  • knowledge, experience, raw intelligence
  • solid understanding of engineering best practices
  • being likeable, good listener, conversationalist
  • determined, gets things done
  • is good in group settings


  • What are you looking for in a code review?
  • How do you handle new, unanticipated requirements that overturn assumptions you had made in design?
  • What book or article have you read since university that has really changed the way you look at development?
  • Have you read any books or articles that you really disagreed with? Tell me about one such case?
  • What are you reading right now?
  • "I'm going to give you five minutes. When I come back, I want you to explain to me something complicated that I don't already know."
  • Give the interviewee a few minutes and ask them to come up with a mock interview in which I play the role of an interviewee. The speed at which they come up with questions and the type of questions they ask can tell a great deal about their experience.


  • Someone has to love the candidate. No one can hate them.
  • Dig into the candidate's development knowledge - especially knowledge that forms a part of team norms
  • Don't use impossible questions but rather make them explain and analyse a design from their past experiences
  • Focus on finding people who have a genuine love for their field - especially readers
  • Bend over backwards to hire people recommended by people already on your team